Marriage Proposals That Went Awry

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff
This photo is all that remains of Matt Cawley's engagement ring. (Photo: Matt Cawley)
This photo is all that remains of Matt Cawley's engagement ring. (Photo: Matt Cawley)

Here's a tip for anyone planning to propose. Do it on solid ground. Matt Cawley learned that lesson the hard way when he popped the question with a $9000 ring attached to a sand dollar on a jetty in Cape Cod. When girlfriend Stacey Scanlon picked up the shell, the ring fell into the water and disappeared. "It was the worst feeling in the world," Cawley said in an interview with At least, he's in good company. Actress Megan Fox also lost her 2-carat engagement ring on a beach after boyfriend Brian Austin Green proposed. Despite sending her minions to comb the shore, she never retrieved it. Ocean: 2. Finger: 0.

Full circus: Unbelievable proposal caught on tape

But staying inland isn't the only guarantee of a smooth proposal. One outdoorsy type proposed to his girlfriend on a rugged hike in Maryland. In her excitement, she slipped, fell off a cliff and had to be rescued by helicopter. Reed Harris' proposal also ended with a trip to the emergency room. He thought to surprise girlfriend Kaitlin Whipple with a ring in her milkshake. Guess who's a gulper? In the emergency room, Harris proposed with the X-Ray of the ring in her stomach in place of the real thing. She said yes, and spent the next few days eating prunes, trying to pass the diamond. Kaitlin wrote on her blog: "It arrived this morning and I have never been so excited about my bodily functions."

[video: WBZ-TV Boston]

Then there's P.J. Meital who spelled out "Marry Me Michelle" in human-sized poster board letters on the Mall of the Washington Monument. When his girlfriend reached the top of the Monument, all she saw from 555 feet were the words "Harry Me Michelle". Turns out his first M wasn't very well constructed and Michelle passed it off as a local oddity. And don't forget the girl who missed her own Jumbotron proposal because she was in the bathroom. At least she said yes. If there's anything we've learned from the internet, it's that proposals at sporting events aren't the best idea. But they sure are fun to watch. Check out some of the most cringe-worthy engagement attempts caught on tape.

The Rock Concert: You'd think standing in front of a crowd at a rock concert would instantly boost a guy's shot with a girl. Not this guy.

Sports Reporter Spoiler:
When a star football player planned to propose to his head cheerleader girlfriend during a post game interview, he was hoping the Fox News guy interviewing him wouldn't blow his cover.

Unholy Union
: This video begins after what one can assume was a heartfelt video marriage proposal projected during a special church sermon. Only problem is the lady of the hour isn't in the congregation. No one seems to know where she is. Cue filibustering pastor who tries to stall in hopes the woman will show up. Totally not a part of his job description.

The Mascot Mess: A blindfold, a giant blue shag carpet with a beak, a bank-sponsored marshmallow and a hoard of screaming basketball fans: every woman's fantasy. It's not surprising this ended badly.

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