Jon Hamm’s Relationship Advice for Teens Goes Viral

Jon Hamm, relationship guru
Jon Hamm, relationship guru

What can't hunky actor Jon Hamm do? After playing a number of supporting characters in movies such as "Bridesmaids" and "The Town," Disney announced the Golden Globe winning-star of TV's smash "Mad Men" has just been awarded his first leading man role in sports flick "The Million Dollar Arm."

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Now Hamm can add also relationship advisor to his resume. On May 8, he appeared in a video for Rookie, the online magazine for girls dispensing dating advice for teenagers as part of its regular "Ask a Grown Man Column." And its going bonkers on the Internet.

Looking charmingly scruffy, Hamm fielded questions from teen girls such as:

Q: One day a guy wanted to get with me and the next day he changed his mind. What do I do with this flip flopper?

A: You are only 16…give the guy a break. Maybe he changed his mind, maybe you'll change your mind. The world's your oyster…don't sweat it. There's a lot of guys out there…and don't define yourself by who wants to "get with you."

Q: Do guys get tingly-stomach, full-on, nervous obsessive crushes?

A: The answer is quite simply absolutely, of course, because we are human beings. We get nervous and like girls and that's how it works.

And as for that burning question about whether or not it's gross and embarrassing to break wind in front of your significant other, Hamm assures bashful viewers that everybody does it. To watch the full video on Rookie, click here.

Hey, Jon Hamm! Turn down the cuteness a notch please? Some of us have work to do.

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