Hearing a Guy Admit His Mistake is One of the Most Refreshing Sounds in the World

Sad guy
Sad guy

I'm not quite sure whether it's biological or sociological, but whatever prefix or suffix you want to tack together, there's something about admitting wrongdoing that's generally difficult for men to do. So when it happens, it's best to have a camera phone or another recording device of some sort at the ready to document the momentous occasion in all of its rarity.

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Recently, Billy Bob Thornton shared that he blew it with Angelina Jolie when he had her. Think back real hard in your catalog of failed Hollywood romances-you remember when they were an item, when they wore vials of each other's blood as fashion accessories and sucked face on the red carpet like, well, two couthless teenagers? We're so long into the Brad Pitt era that we forgot about ol' Billy Bob. (At least I did. Guilty as charged.)

But I must say that it's nice to hear a man, especially a man's kind of man, confess that he blew it with the treasure of a woman that he once loved. Sometimes guys need a few months-or, in BBT's case, the better part of a decade-to process through and understand what they missed out on. That's actually my special relationship gifting. I am the official One The Got Away.

(C'mon everybody, in our Katy Perry voices: the wa-uha-uha-uha-uha-un. The wa-uha-uha-uha-uha-un…)

Too bad more of these nuts didn't hold 'em when they had 'em.

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Billy Bob isn't the only celeb to reflect upon the love that stays on his mind. Every publicist's favorite nightmare, John Mayer, recently admitted he regretted badmouthing and basically talking all up under the clothes of exes Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, who he said he never really got over. Even some machismo-filled rappers like Prodigy have admitted that they've made mistakes in the romance department and if they could take them back, they would. You just have to love a thug with a heart.

Has an old flame ever confessed that he regretted dumping you?

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Written by Janelle Harris on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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