Are You Happy with Your Sex Life? (Survey)

Sex survey says...
Sex survey says...

Let's talk about sex, shall we? Don't be shy, we already asked all the revealing questions.

Yahoo! Shine and Fitness Magazine surveyed over 1000 adults to find out what gets them in the mood as well to delve into the most intimate details of their love lives. Read on, we know you are curious.

The number one route to lovemaking for both men and women is dinner and a bottle of wine. About 24% of men and 26% of women responded that is the magic combo for getting their motors running. Younger men and women (ages 18-34) are also likely to get turned on by a sexy text or email (22% compared with only 12% of their more mature counterparts). However, nearly half of all adults (50% of men and 43% of women) have "talked dirty" over the phone to heat things up.

Hint for men: the number one way to make your lady friend feel sexy is simply to tell her, "I love you." Nearly half of all women (42%) say this is the surest way to boost their libido. That's almost twice as many as were turned on when their guys told them, "You are so hot" (25%).

Did you ever wonder if other people were having more sex than you? The answer depends on if you are married or single. Couples who are married or living together have sex 2.4 times a week on average, versus singles, who report they are getting busy a lusty 5.3 times a week.

The good news for couples is that 38% say they fantasize about their significant other or spouse as opposed to a colleague (19%) or a friend's spouse (8%). The bad news is that 38% also fantasize about getting it on with a celeb.

As for the length of lovemaking sessions, interestingly, women estimate it takes, on average, 39 minutes from foreplay to the big "O," while men estimate 45 minutes. Wishful thinking? Men also want even more time under the sheets than women: 53% of men are satisfied with the length of time they spend having sex compared to 65% of women.

Significantly more men than women would choose to have sex if given an extra hour in a day. Forty-six percent of men say that's what they would do with their stolen time versus 24% percent of women. In fact, more women (26%) would rather catch up on some ZZZs than make love. Maybe that's because their partner has been keeping them up late at night with lots of great sex? We hope so.

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