7 Ways to Make Your Man Last Longer in Bed

The couple that finishes together, stays together.
The couple that finishes together, stays together.

No doubt you love getting busy with your man, but it can be damn frustrating when he finishes before you. And according to a new Trojan survey, 34 percent of women wish their sex sessions lasted longer. Want your guy to go all night? These expert tips should up his stamina.

By Korin Miller

Have Him Breathe Deeply
Get your man to do breathing exercises before you get it on, taking slow, deep breaths for five minutes to help him relax. This will help to lower his arousal arc and help him last longer. The best way to approach it: During foreplay face each other and "share" breaths (he breathes in; you breathe out). He should follow your lead.

Get Your O Early
Since penetration usually speeds things up for him, have your man bring you to orgasm during foreplay to put you both in a relaxed state and up the odds you'll finish together. Plus, once you O, it's easier for you to do it again.

Get Him Off Beforehand
Manually stimulate your man or give him oral until he orgasms before you get busy. Guys take a while to "recharge," so he should last longer the second time around.

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Use the Stop-Start Technique
Once things get going, take little time-outs during sex-these will help your man's arousal plateau for a bit and lower the odds that he'll finish too soon. To do it, stop moving, tell your guy to pull out (or move off him if you're in girl-on-top), and share a deep kiss before starting up again.

Try the Squeeze Technique
At some point during sex, have your guy pull out and gently squeeze the head of his penis (it helps decrease his arousal). Incorporate it into your sack session, by running your hands up and down his shaft (and then squeezing lightly) before having him enter you again.

Opt for Desensitizing Condoms
These condoms contain small amounts of benzocaine or lidocaine, which slightly decrease sensation in his penis and help him last longer.

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Skip Doggy Style
Doggy style is great for quickies, but most men last longer in missionary or girl-on-top.

SOURCES: Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of IgniteYourPleasure.com. Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Sex Made Easy; sexologist and author Logan Levkoff, PhD

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