4 Things that Can Kill a New Relationship

In the beginning of any courtship, everyone shows up wearing their finest mask and putting forth their best foot. We all can agree that we have found ourselves attracted to someone of the opposite sex who appeared to be perfect on paper until we discovered a little more about him or her that was a complete turn off. We could list a number of deal-breakers that can be a killjoy to a new relationship, but below you will find some of the top four that will shut down the fireworks of any new encounter.

1. Dishonesty
The discovery that a person is not who they say they are is the number one deal breaker. I once coached a client who dated a man that acted like he was a professional athlete who was a divorced doting father of two. Once the relationship got serious, she discovered that the man had a ton of debt, did not consistently pay his bills or child support and was still married to his wife albeit going through a divorce. Distrust from the start is a shot in the heart to any potential love encounter. Related:5 Ways To Attract Love In 30 Days!

2. Curses too much
There is nothing worse than to be on a date with a man who has no respect for the fact that he is in the presence of a lady and should conduct himself as a gentleman. While doing my own dating experiment of going out on over 100 dates in nine months, I encountered a man who was so classless that he cursed like a sailor on our first date even after I subtlety told him that the cursing made me uncomfortable. Related: Help! My Boyfriend Won't Put His Phone Away At Dinner VIDEO

If a man doesn't have enough self-control to express himself without using curse words in the presence of a lady, then it sends the message that there may be other areas where he lacks self-control. If a man has a potty mouth, his name and number are an immediate deletion from my roller deck!

3. Cannot speak clear English
There is nothing more disappointing than to meet an attractive man in public or online - and who may even appear to be great on paper - until he opens his mouth and it feels like you are back in 'English Literature 101' wondering if he ever passed the class or what farm did he grow up on. If I have to spend the entire time during a conversation with him saying "huh?" or asking him to repeat himself, this relationship is a no go from the start. Related: 3 Tips For Expats & Cross-Cultural Relationships

4. Insecure or overly possessive
Relationships are suppose to feel good and enhance your life, not feel like a prison sentence at Alcatraz. It doesn't matter how attractive, rich or smart someone is. If they are so insecure with who they are, that they are so afraid of losing you, that they smother you to death, the relationships is dead before it has a chance to grow. Life is too short to have to deal with someone with insecurity issues and who uses control in order to appease those issues. I recommend that you do not past Go or Collect $100 dollars, but instead, head right out of dodge on this one!

Written by Shay Williams for YourTango.com.

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