10 Ways to Add Fireworks to Your Relationship

By Nici Perrreault, GalTime.com

Add some excitement to your relationship and sex life!
Add some excitement to your relationship and sex life!

romantic relationships: adding excitement

Has your relationship become boring and predictable? This 4th of July, move the fireworks into the bedroom. Rachel DeAlto, an expert on flirting and founder of FlipMe flirting cards, is sharing ten tips for adding some spark to your romance.

1. Get Physical. Get your endorphins flowing and pick a sport that you can play one on one, against each other in a playful way. It will translate into some fun in the bedroom. Two sports to try are racquetball or bowling.

2. Sext. Use technology to your advantage and tell him what you want to do to/with him the next time you see him. Get your creative juices flowing and don't be afraid to get a little sassy! Try to refrain from sending pictures.

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3. Give him a day. Whatever he wants to do, do it. He'll appreciate you for all of the extra attention and will hopefully show that appreciation with something special for you.

4. Go shopping. Not with him, but for him. Leave him at home and come back with a sexy new outfit that makes you feel great and gives him a little inspiration.

5. Start dating again. Go back to those much anticipated date nights that populated your early relationship. Dating is fun. Make time for each other away from the house, work and/or kids. Try going back to some of your favorite places you used to frequent and feel the excitement again.

6. Wax poetic. Leave notes around your/his house, his wallet or briefcase as a reminder that you love him. This is a sweet and surprising way to keep you on his mind while you are apart.

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7. Ask and listen. Ask questions about how he is feeling and what he needs. Take in the answers and make an effort to make changes or fulfill his needs before things to keep things from bubbling up later. The more you know about what's going on with him, the better you can communicate. He'll be happy to know you care.

8. Don't forget about sex. A good sex life is necessary if you are looking to keep the relationship hot. Don't let life's stresses get in the way. Don't just schedule sex, make it spontaneous! Try new locations, positions, foreplay and accessories.

9. Get away. Leaving your element, even for just a night can reignite those fireworks. Steal away to a local motel. If you're feeling really adventurous try some role playing in that unfamiliar location.

10. Make out. Sex is important, but a good ole' fashion make out session can do the trick. It is important to remember where your relationship started. Take it back there and put some temporary restraints on moving past kissing, that way the next time you move to sex it is that much more appreciated.

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