5 Wonderfully Ugly Christmas Sweaters


It's that special time of year-when elementary school teachers, grandmothers, and "ugly Christmas sweater party" guests proudly don the blingiest, cheesiest, most OTT themed sweaters around. But, while holidays sweaters aren't the most fashionable things to wear, there's something sensational about the commitment to unabashedly spreading so much holiday cheer! To celebrate this sartorial boldness, check out five of our favorite wonderfully ugly Christmas sweaters.

Bling to Make the Three Kings Proud

Gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh have nothing on the beads, sequins, and metallic threads on this Three Wise Men sweater ($89 from Casual Living).

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The Perfect Choice for Dog Lovers

Friends of Fido will be barking mad for this wacky sweater ($148 from Rose Garden Boutique), which features canine faces floating in Christmas-tree ornaments. Truly a strange way to spread holiday cheer! $148

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Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

The snowmen on the front of this sweater ($79 from Casual Living) are wearing fuzzy pink scarves and the designers were kind enough to add a little more at the neck and cuffs so you can sport the furry fuchsia trim yourself!

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Christmas in the Tropics

We're not sure what flamingos have to do with Christmas, but the designer of this bedazzled sweater ($90 from countryewe.com) seemed to think there was a connection.

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A Battery-Operated Beauty

Not only does this holiday sweater ($33 from QVC) feature an OTT bedazzled scene, it also has battery-powered fiber-optic lights! You'll definitely be brighter than the Christmas tree in this pullover!

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