Truth About Grapefruit & Anti-Aging

By Laurel House Quickie Chick Tip Writer
From age-defying hair styles to skinny jeans and wrinkle serums, there are tons of tricks out there that promise to instantly peel years off your looks...

... no exercise or plastic surgery required.

We've found one trick that really does make you appear younger- even when standing stark naked without any makeup;and that's grapefruit!

A study conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that the scent of the pucker-provoking fruit can actuallytrick the male brain into believing that the women around them are six years younger than their actual age.
So how do you ensure that the citrus scent is infusing your man's senses on a regular basis?

Start with a bowl of grapefruit in the morning (grapefruit juice will do too), exfoliate your skin with pink grapefruit suds, and finally spritz on grapefruit essential oil perfume. Heck, why not sneak a dab of oil behind your ears?

Of course, if your goal is to pull the grapefruit wool over the heads of more than a select few (like, say, at a holiday party or high school reunion), maybe stick to the serums which are more intense and longer lasting.

I love to go the
pink grapefruit candle route to blanket the room with age-reversing scent and cover all your bases; plus it smells so fresh and invigorating!
Smelling is believing,
we all know aromatherpy works with it's proven track record.

Eat Grapefruit to Fight Fat

Studies do show that people who consumed either half a grapefruit three times a day, before every meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds after 3 months. Another study showed that upping your Vitamin C (like in grapefruit) can help you burn 30% more fat while working out.

Grapefruit Essential Oils Banish the Blues

If extracted carefully, a ton of the fruit produces 1.5 pounds of oil suitable for aromatherapy purposes. Cheerful, invigorating, energetic and even slightly euphoric, grapefruit essential oil can help banish the blues.

Apply Grapefruit to the Skin to Rid Acne

When applied to the skin, grapefruit extract simultaneously stimulates, purifies, and, packs a naturally powerful antiseptic punch against even the most pesky pimples.

Eat Grapefruit to Fight Infections Grapefruit seed extract have an extraordinary ability to perform both internally and externally against many bacterial and fungal infections.

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