Transgender Myths, Debunked!

It's not easy being born with the wrong body, but that's exactly how transgender people feel. "The Jeff Probst Show" recently dedicated an hour-long show to meeting some inspiring transgender people and their families.

Jeff's first guests, Shellie and Randi, exemplify what it means to love unconditionally. When they were first married, Randi was biologically a man, but during the course of their marriage, he transitioned fully into a woman. In this clip, Shellie shares the fears she had when Randi first told her that he was transgender, and how she got over those fears and continued to love and support the person she married:

Later, Jeff met Sam, a young man who has known his entire life that he was a boy, despite having been born biologically a girl. Watch Sam's touching story, including what he learned in third grade that opened his eyes to how he was different:

Jeff also chatted with Dr. Marci Bowers, a leader in the field of gender reassignment surgery, and also a transgender woman herself. There are a lot of stereotypes and myths floating around out there about the transgender community, and in this Backstage Bonus, Dr. Bowers debunks those myths and shares some excellent resources for transgender health:

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