The one thing that will help you drink more water

Despite the back and forth about how much water we should be drinking, I know that I feel better when I get my 8 to 10 glasses in each day. I feel less tired, less hungry in between meals and my skin looks much better when I am on a water kick.

As a person currently struggling with getting enough sleep, however, I can easily let a glass of water sit untouched on my desk while I drink cup after cup of coffee. I was pouring my third cup of ambition last week began thinking about creative ways to entice myself into drinking more water. I'm not going to worry about cutting back the coffee just yet (that will come) but I can put a bit more effort into the beverage that makes me feel good (for more than an hour caffeine burst).

And then the thought hit my like some radical hydration revolution. No, it wasn't flavored water.Not even vitamin-infused, calorie-laden water. Not cranberry juice or lemon or cucumber slices. My brainstorm felt brilliant in its simplicity.

Yes, my solution to sipping more water is (get ready for this, it's a stunner) is a straw.

If you're thinking that I am giving myself way too much credit, know that I tried my straw trick and it really did help me power through my water day after day. OK, so it isn't exactly scientific research, but using a straw is upping my water consumption by three or four cups a day. Maybe it can work for you, too.

Of course, you can make it fun with silly,sassy, sophisticated, glass or geeked-out DIY straws. You can even opt for a straw that taps into your slurping, bubble-blowing inner child.

If using a straw in a glass isn't your thing, I've found that Camelbak bite and sip water bottles are a great alternative. My car research -- a to-go cup or regular water bottle versus the Camelbak with the built-in straw -- yields the same findings. While the Camelbak might seem expensive at $12 a bottle, it is reusable and worth the price to me if I'm well-hydrated.

What do you think? Will a straw help you be better hydrated too?