Satiereal Saffron Extract: Miracle Appetite Suppressant?


What if there was a safe supplement that would banish hunger and boost metabolism? That's exactly what Dr. Oz touted in a recent episode of his show called Belly Blasting Supplements. America's favorite TV doctor says that Satiereal saffon extract, will "annihilate your urge to overeat."

Saffron is a culinary spice derived from the dried stigmas of crocuses. Each flower contains only three stigmas and they are usually harvested by hand. This makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world by weight. It has been cultivated for over three thousand years.

Satiereal saffron extract is believed to diminish "emotional eating." It may have the effect of increasing serotonin levels in the brain, which improves mood and makes people less likely to snack. Dr. Oz explains, "You crave carbohydrates…when you take carbohydrates and put them up in the mouth you are actually turning on chemicals in the brain... They turn on this pleasure sensation, this craving you have, and they give you the satisfaction from doing this and relief."

A 2010 study of 60 women did show that participants taking a Satiereal saffron supplement did lose more weight and experienced fewer cravings than others given a placebo. The dosage is 88-90 mg, twice a day, and the cost is about $30 per month.

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