Octomom's doctor loses license

Jessica Ashley, Senior Editor
Nadya Suleman's outrageous Octo-stroller in 2009 [credit: FilmMagic]
Nadya Suleman's outrageous Octo-stroller in 2009 [credit: FilmMagic]

Just when you thought (or hoped) Octomom Nadya Suleman had slipped away from the spotlight, news about the fertility doctor who treated her has placed her center-stage.

The California medical board found Wednesday that Suleman's doctor, Michael Kamrava of Beverly Hills, committed gross negligence while treating the now-35-year old single mother. Kamrava transferred 12 embryos to Suleman, which the board found to be excessive and an "extreme" diversion from standard practices. For women Suleman's age, it is recommended that no more than two embryos are transferred at a time, depending on the patient's circumstances.

Eight of those embryos survived, adding to Suleman's family that already included six children. Kamrava also treated Suleman for her first six children. The doctor once claimed he was simply following Suleman's wishes.

The state medical board also investigated two other patients Kamrava treated, noting he was repeatedly negligent, among other offenses. They ruled to strip the doctor of his license as of July 1st.

Earlier this year, Suleman admitted to Oprah, Suze Orman, and thus the world, that she was "self-medicating through children". Tough-talking Suze Orman helped the unemployed mother of 14, who said she had $300 to her name at the time of the show's taping, address her steep financial issues. She appeared on a magazine cover in a bikini, was rumored to have a tummy tuck, attempted success in the world of reality television. Perhaps even more disturbing is the lingering talk that she has as many as 29 frozen embryos left in storage, which could be expensive on many levels.

Do you agree with the state medical board? Should Michael Kamrava's license be revoked?

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