The Latest Craze: Big Butts

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It used to be that when a woman asked her significant other, 'Does this make my butt look big?' that the answer they were hoping to get was 'no'. Today the complete opposite is expected. Women want more curves and a bigger butt to accent their figures. So much so that they are willing to go toextremesto achieve what they believe will make their bodies look perfect.

Brazilianbutt liftshave become the popular choice when it comes to butt enhancements. The process consists of transferring the patients' fat cells and inserting them to shape and create a fuller bottom. Side effects consists of swelling, bruising and some pain of course, but since your own fat cells are being injected patients don't run the risk of an allergic reaction, as opposed to getting an implant in which a foreign object is entering your body.

If the thought of having plastic surgery has crossed your mind, a lot of research and information has been sought on your behalf.RealSelf.comis a community dedicated to providing information on medical procedures and allows members to share their experiences and photos. Board-certified doctors are also available to answer questions and extend their expertise on the different topics.

RealSelf'sresearch shows that the search for butt augmentation procedures has increased 39%. Butt enhancements have surpassed other popular searches on procedures like liposuction, wrinkle freezers and lip augmentation. They also polled members who actually had a Brazilian butt lift done and the response was that 90% of them found the enhancement 'worth it'.

While it seems like many women are happy with their results post surgery, is a bigger butt worth going under the knife in your mind?

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