Green Tips for Keeping a Pet

Written by Four Green

cute kitten green pet tips
cute kitten green pet tips

The pet industry is global and an important sector affecting the environment. There are many situations where a pet owner can pollute the environment in the course of taking care of the pet. Much improvement can be done by pet keepers, and it would make a big difference to the environment. Here is a list of green tips for owning a pet:

  1. Feed your pet with organic certified pet foods. Ordinary pet foods are nothing like the ordinary food that we eat. A lot of them are

    cute kitten
    cute kitten

    made from what is known as 4D's, dead, dying, diseased, and disabled. This definitely does not sound pleasant, even for animals to eat. Choosing organic is not only good for the pet's health as they are made from FDA-certified meat, it is also beneficial for the cows and chickens. Organic meats are processed in sustainable and humane ways to ensure minimum pain.

  2. Buy pet foods in bulks instead of small individual packs. This will avoid much redundant packaging on each individual packs.

  3. Comfort your pet the organic way. There are a lot of things pets use and need. For example, pet toys, pet houses, pet clothes, and pet cleaning products. All of these can be made in sustainable ways instead of the conventional factory mass-production. In fact, cleaning product like shampoo can even be made at home! Check out this recipe to make healthy and cost-efficient shampoo for your pet! Some cat toys can be home made as well with fabric and yarn that you no longer have use for. Lastly, there is no cooler pet costume than a self-made one-of-a-kind shirt for your dear pet friend! If you do not wish to make these for your pet, you can certainly buy sustainable products to replace the ordinary ones.

  4. Put tags with home address on your pet. It may sound silly how this will benefit the environment; but think about one day that your pet might be lost. It would help you to find your pet much faster, saving ink and paper for "lost pet" posters, as well as gasoline for frantically driving around the neighborhood to find your pet. It will also save you a lot more worries.

  5. Save the heating and cooling energy from heaters and air conditioners. Give your pet warm clothes to wear in winters if it gets too cold. As for summer, give him or her a chilled pet bed for coolness and comfort.

  6. Finally, here's also an advice to the soon-to-be or want-to-be pet owners: do not get a pet because of an impulse, or a sudden short term interest. Pets are no toys, they have feelings and need long-term committed care. Once the interest is lost after a while, the pet might face a disastrous fate after your abandonment. Please plan and think thoroughly before getting a pet.