Formula for perfect sports bra: science cracks code on breast pain, lyrca equation

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff
(Thinkstock Photos)
(Thinkstock Photos)

You know how the basic principle of physics (i..e. E=mc2) is in question now that nuetrinos may move faster than the speed of light? That's nothing. The old formula for the perfect sports bra is also totally bunk.

A new study published in the Journal of Sports Science calls into question the basics of athletic shelving units. Put your math glasses on for the following explanation:

Bra constructers previously believed that distance was the main factor in breast movement relative to pain. Now breast health researchers say the proper formula is something like distance + acceleration= breast movement.

In other words, how long you move and how fast (also how much you move side to side) should all come into play in harnessing your rack. The reason 72 percent of women may experience discomfort during their workout, despite spending too much on their sports bra, is that they weren't designed with this newfound formula in mind.

Another breakthrough from the study: contrary to popular belief by both scientists and teen boys, size doesn't matter. Whether you've got an A-cup or a D-cup you're just as likely to have breast pain from workouts.

Thanks science, now what? Now to build a better sports bra. A buyer for a company called Sweatshop is predicting sportswear companies will be applying this new criteria to upcoming designs, according to Fox News. Also according to Fox News, there's a clothing company that's light-heartedly called "Sweatshop". Science can't fix everything.

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