First lady fitness secrets spilled: How Michelle Obama got those amazing arms

We admired her muscular arms from the campaign trail to her inaugural ball dance and as she's made healthy eating her mission since moving into the White House. We've made our guesses about how she got those guns. But now Michelle Obama's personal trainer is revealing exactly how she got the bis and tris that have gotten her so much attention.

Cornell McClellan, the Chicagoan who has been Mrs. Obama's trainer for 12 years, says that an "arm-training superset" of tricep pushdowns and hammer curls are the secret to her toned and defined arms.

McClellan reports that intense cardio and weight lifting routines are a part of the first ladys' typical workout. While that might be enough for most people, Michelle Obama wraps up with sets of the arm exercises.

Pushdowns and hammer curls might sound like complicated weight-lifting moves, but are actually basic ways to sculpt tricep and bicep muscles. Watch these videos made by exercise physiologists, which give detailed but simple explanations of how to properly do tricep pushdowns and hammer curls, if you want to get some Obamuscles of your own.

The arm-sculpting secrets were shared as a part of an upcoming issue of Women's Health magazine that highlights the Obama family's commitment to health. The president is featured on the cover of Men's Health magazine and says he is committed to working out six days a week. His regimen includes two days of cardio and four days of strength training, with two workouts focusing on upper body and two workouts focusing on lower body. He says that although he is in good health and could cut back his exercise a bit, he relies on it to "clear my head and relieve me of stress."

I imagine that Michelle Obama, who also has a lot on her plate as she's undertaken making meals healthier in her own home and in schools, would also agree that exercise helps ease the stress of White House working, living, and activities.

Regardless of why Michelle Obama works out, her arms are proof that all that exercise is worth it. Her trainer confirms, "She's truly committed herself to the importance of health and fitness."

We all know personal trainers don't readily dole out those kinds of endorsements. I say, good for our first lady. And good for you if you are ready to give arm-training supersets a try yourself.

Would you give tricep pushdowns and hammer curls a try because the first lady is committed to them?

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