Feasting On Nothing: French Women Go Crazy For The "Air Diet"

Americans may be diet-obsessed, but we've got nothing on French women. When American Vogue publishes a weight loss article, you won't hear the end of it for months. But in France, pick up any popular women's fashion magazine, and you'll find there's at least one diet-focused feature without fail. Oftentimes, these publications don't even try to attempt fake-holistic attitudes towards health. Take, for example, French Elle's review of the ridiculous Forking Diet, where you can only consume foods meant to be eaten with a fork.

The latest issue of French Grazia uncovers the "it diet" of the stars, which they refer to as "L'Air Fooding," and we'd translate as the "Air Diet." Citing Madonna's Dolce & Gabbana campaign, and other photos of celebs holding food to their mouths, but not eating it, the regime has everything to do with surrounding oneself with food, pretending to eat it, or convincing others they're eating. Is this a joke? Because we already know this much-used diet of Hollywood's thinnest and it's called anorexia.

Plus, there's a sidebar that has to be a joke-a recipe for soup à l'eau or water soup. Ingredients? Water, salt. The benefits, explains Grazia, is that it's full of minerals, quenches your thirst, and saves you money. Eat a bowl of water soup each evening, and you can "lose four dress sizes before the summer." [Grazia France]

By Leonora Epstein for The Frisky

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