America's 10 Youngest Cities

Photo by: Rapid Eye, iStockphoto
How Is Your City Doing?
Just as with individuals, lifestyle choices have a big impact on a city's age, says RealAge cofounder Michael F. Roizen, MD. "Stress, smoking, diet, exercise -- all four of those seem to go together." When residents take good care of themselves, they tend to have lower rates for high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes -- and that translates to a younger RealAge. Here are America's youngest cities, starting with number 10.

Is your city keeping you young? The RealAge Test calculates how quickly -- or slowly -- a person's body is aging compared to his or her chronological age. For the RealAge 2012 Youngest & Oldest Cities in America report, we analyzed RealAge Test data from more than 28 million people to rank America's 50 largest metropolitan areas and uncover the best places to stay young. Find out how your favorite cities fared.

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