6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home During Cold and Flu Season

6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home During Cold and Flu Season
6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home During Cold and Flu Season

Friends, we've officially embarked upon the busiest time of the year. With the holidays swiftly approaching and all the vacations, visitors, parties, and stress that comes with 'em, we don't have time to be sick!

I'm notorious for being sick (like "on death's door" sick) over Christmas. I know why it happens too. Every year I bust my butt from the start of November until December 24 making sure the house and the gifts are perfect, seeing everyone who needs to be seen, and helping with every last classroom activity until I wake up on Christmas morning sicker than a dog. Bah humbug!

So here's the thing, I say this year we take a proactive approach to cold and flu prevention. There are simple things we can do to minimize our risk of illness and maintain a healthy home during the most wonderful time of the year.

Check out these 6 tried and true tips for staying health:

1. Wash your hands
This simple and effective action can help prevent the spread of nasty germs in your household. From proper hand washing techniques, to when you should wash your hands and why, visit the CDC.

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2. Use disposable towels
While cloth hand towels are the most environmentally responsible way to dry hands, they're unfortunately also a potential breeding ground for germs. During cold and flu season, swap cloth hand towels for disposable towels for a germ-free dry every time.

3. Leave shoes at the door
Parents, we can only imagine the germs lurking on the bottom of our kids' shoes. Dr. Myron Wentz, Founder of USANA Health Sciences and author of The Healthy Home mentions in his book that his family leaves a pile of shoes at the front door to "signal to everyone that shoes and their collection of yuck aren't welcome in our home."

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4. Use disinfecting wipes
While following our kids around with disinfecting wipes may not be practical, wiping down high-touch areas such as tabletops, doorknobs, toilet handles, and remote controls can help stop the spread of germs.

5. Be prepared

No one wants to head to the drugstore on a chilly winter's day for cold and flu medication when they're not feeling well. Take inventory of your cold and flu medications and be sure to check the expiration dates of all existing medication. Stock up on cold and flu necessities before you need them.

6. Drink plenty of water
At the first sign of a cold, encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids. Hydration is an important part of flushing out germs and bacteria. Keep water handy and drink up!

- By Lori Garcia
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