6 Best Healthy Indianapolis Restaurants for Super Bowl Fans

By Brooke Randolph for DietsInReview.com

Indianapolis locals are pumped to be hosting the Super Bowl this year. It's been predicted that Indy could be one of the best Super Bowl Cities yet, and we agree. Part of what can make or break visiting a new city is being able to find delicious food options that are unique to that city. We have several scrumptious, unique, independent options that should not be forgotten (Scratch Truck, Yats, Bu Da Lounge, and Libertine to name a few), but below are my choices for the best healthy restaurants in Indianapolis.

1. Cafe Patachou has actually become a local "chain" with several locations and variations across the city, including downtown, in the fabulous Indianapolis International airport, and my personal favorite at 49th and Pennsylvania. The menu gives plenty of options that include fresh, local, and organic ingredients, but if it feels overwhelming the omelet of the day or a broken yolk sandwich would be an excellent choice. The list of accolades for Cafe Patachou seems never ending, including most recently being named one of the Top 10 Healthy Restaurants Across the United States by Gourmet Magazine. If nothing else, make sure you stop by Cafe Patachou for pre-security coffee rather than Starbucks when you fly out.

2. R Bistro is near to all of the Super Bowl activities located on "Mass Ave" or Massachusetts Avenue. Although if you are going for dinner, you might want to take advantage of the flat rate taxi service. Chef Regina and Sous Chef Erin create a weekly menu based on fresh, local ingredients. While the menu may provide only a handful of options for each course, I have never been disappointed. I suggest you make reservations for R Bistro as they can fill up quickly.

3. Tulip Noir is further from the Super Bowl Village on 86th Street near Ditch road, but it is worth the trek, especially if you have specific dietary restrictions or food allergies. It is a breakfast and lunch restaurant, but it is worth both the drive and wake-up call. Their seasonal menu always includes organic, ethically traded coffees and teas. Their tea menu is so long that I find it easier to go with the tea of the day; although I am a big fan of the French press coffees as well. They provide gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options, often including vegan baked goods. They state that all salad dressings, sandwich spreads, soups, and desserts are made in house each day, and they use only natural or organic chicken, seafood, dairy products, syrups, oatmeal, flour, sugar, jam, and juice, as well as omega-3 eggs. It is hard to find another restaurant that makes the same effort to keep the food healthy and pure.

4. Duos Food Truck is where I went today, and I had the opportunity to sample their Super Bowl menu with some of my friends from Twitter. I had The Big Al: Fresh Mozzarella & Fontina (Seasoned Tofu available for vegans), House-made Balsamic Dressing, Roasted Peppers, Basil & Black Olive, served on local Brotgarten Bread (Gluten Free option); and a friend had the Aleppo Pork with Arugula-Fennel Salad and Lemony Dressing, served on quinoa since she is avoiding wheat after reading Wheat Belly. It was scrumptious, made to order quickly, and served with a smile and patience for our large, chattering group. Food trucks have become a trend in Indy, but they do not always offer the healthiest options. Duos emphasizes seasonal and local ingredients, and they plan to be downtown (mostly on the Circle) during Super Bowl week. Check out their website or follow them on Twitter @DuosIndy to find their location.

5. 3 Sisters has been serving vegetarian dishes for over 15 years at their location in Broad Ripple Village. The menu also includes poultry and pork dishes. They emphasize fresh and local ingredients whenever they can. It is also a favorite of Bernie Salazar, Biggest Loser's Season 5 At-Home Winner, whenever he visits Indianapolis.

6. Earth House is the only restaurant on this list at which I have not dined. The entire menu is vegetarian with several vegan and gluten-free options as well, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. In addition, they serve locally roasted coffee. Earth House is located in the Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church Building on East Street. You can often find art and community events there as well.

Whether you have dietary restrictions or preferences, I truly hope that all Super Bowl visitors to Indianapolis check out some of our local, independent restaurants to get a full experience of what our city has to offer.


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