3 Non-Caffeine Ways to Cure a Caffeine Headache

Vitamin G, Glamour Magazine

By Lexi Petronis, Glamour magazine

So I'm on day three of no caffeine--and I think I might finally be over the nausea, the shakes, and (almost!) the headache. Would you believe me if I said I had no idea any of that was coming?

I honestly didn't! I have one latte a day, with the occasional Diet Coke (I know, I know). I thought it would be easy-peasy to call off the caffeine, but it's been anything but. Once my temples reached the point where it felt like an '80s metal drummer was using them to record an extended cut, it was time to find a remedy. Like one of these:

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Peppermint: peppermint has been used for centuries to treat everything from digestive issues to headaches. You can dab a little peppermint on your head to help ease a headache, or even drink peppermint tea (it's non-caffeinated, and it will help you hydrate--water is also good for headaches).

Aromatherapy: ginger, lavender, or eucalyptus oils have all been shown to help beat a headache into submission.

Sleep: it's kind of a non-option for busy days that won't let you stop everything and nap, but it's possible to simply sleep through the pain (caffeine headaches eventually go away on their own--usually after about 48 hours). If sleep's totally out of the question, a short rest in dark room with soft music could help.

Give yourself "the pinch": I did a lot of this yesterday. With your thumb and forefinger of one hand, squeeze the area on your palm halfway between your thumb and forefinger of your other hand. Massage gently.

Do you ever get caffeine withdrawal headaches? What other non-caffeine ways do you use to soothe them? Share!

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