The easiest trick ever for removing scuff marks from patent leather

Last night I discovered white streaks on the back of a beloved pair of black patent leather sandals-such a drag. Or at least it was a drag until I remembered a random and bizarre-sounding trick a friend had told me about that she swore was an instant miracle cure for these kinds of smudges. And skeptical as I was, she was right.

I had already tried buffing the white marks with a clean soft cloth to no avail, when I thought of my friend's tip about using nail polish remover to transform scuffed patent leather. I splashed a little bit onto a cotton pad, and rubbed gently against the spots, which vanished about a second later leaving my shoes bright, shiny, and good as new.

PS: There are different kinds of patent leather, so if you're attempting this for the first time, try testing the remover trick on a small area at first to make sure there aren't any adverse chemical reactions.

PPS: I also read on that mineral oil is also excellent for cleaning patent leather. Can anyone out there vouch?