10 Clever Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

The uses for empty toilet paper rolls are endless...

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on using empty toilet paper rolls

to store and organize cords. I thought it was so brilliant that I immediately started saving our empty rolls. Then, I stumbled on a tip for using one as filler for frugal holiday decor, and I couldn't stop thinking about this resource I've been ignorning.

Oh, sure, we recycle, but it's always better to reuse it first. So, the hunt began for cool ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls. And, I just. couldn't. stop. There were just so many awesome and totally clever ideas out there! You can use toilet paper rolls for organization, decoration, gifts, toys - the possibilities for that little tube are just endless. Check out my favorites:

Advent Calendar

1. Advent Calendar

I love this advent calendar. I've actually seen a few different versions of a toilet paper advent calendar - all of them super easy, cheap, and ready to fill with treats, devotions, good deeds, or family fun activities.
Find out how to make it

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2. Wreath
It's hard to believe this wreath is made from toilet paper rolls and ribbon! This is a great holiday decor piece for your family room!
Find out how to make it

Bird Feeder

3. Bird Feeder
We love to feed the birds each winter, and peanut butter is a staple in our house. Tie it all together with this simple project.
Find out how to make it


4. Bracelets
These totally remind me of slap bracelets - without the dangerous metal poking through.
Find out how to make them

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Cord Organizer

5. Cord Organizer
I am seriously amazed at all the genius ways to organize cords with toilet paper rolls. Who knew?
Find out how to make it

Craft Caddy

6. Craft Caddy
My head is now swimming with things I can organize with toilet paper rolls. Once they're wrapped in fabric or decorative paper, you'd never know what it used to be.
Find out how to make it

Napkin Rings

7. Napkin Rings
Displaying your cloth napkins in upcycled toilet paper roll napkin rings? Now that's green living!
Find out how to make them

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Gift Boxes

8. Gift Boxes
Check out this unique gift box for small treats or gift cards - so simple and creative! They're perfect for giving gift cards this Christmas!
Find out how to make them

Stars and Snowflakes

9. Stars and Snowflakes
Scissors, paint, glitter, and you're done! If you add a few more, I bet you could create more of a snowflake look, too.
Find out how to make them


10. Scrapbook
I haven't been much for scrapbooking lately, but even I could put together a simple flip book like these.
Find out how to make it

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