New Wedding Registries You'll Love

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It's a wedding tradition that's been around since the 1800's, registering for items at your favorite stores so friends and family can give you the gifts you want and need. But with more engaged couples living together and combining housewares before tying the knot, the desire for a fancy blender or new China is on the decline. Not to mention, in this economy, newlyweds could really use cash more than anything else.

Enter: alternative-wedding registries. From your honeymoon, to a mortgage to modern art, new websites are allowing brides and grooms to register outside the box.

Honeymoon Funds
My fiancé and I have actually started an account at for wedding guests who would like to offer a gift towards our European honeymoon. Similar sites include and They're free and simple to set up. Couples can itemize their honeymoon wish list - from flights to a beachfront massage to a sunset cruise - so guests can help pay for specific activities during your trip.

Local Trips & Events
Beyond the honeymoon, couples are also registering for mini excursions in their own hometowns via online websites like For example, New York couples can register for museum memberships and wine tastings, and help local businesses along the way.

New Home
For engaged couples who'd prefer to receive cash gifts towards a future home, sites like and lets guests contribute to the couple's savings account.

If you're already in your dream home and now want to furnish it with a unique investment, your guests can contribute to your art collection. Check out websites for local art galleries, as well as museum gift shops where you may be able to open a registry and create a wish list.

Charitable Gifts
Finally, you can follow in the royal footsteps of Will and Kate, who asked guests to donate to their favorite charities. Sites like and allow couples to create a special registry from which guests can choose to donate to designated charities and non-profit organizations.

What are some of the unique gifts you've given to the happy couple? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @Farnoosh and use #FinFit.

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