Stretch Your Beauty Dollar: 4 Ways to Save

Farnoosh Torabi, Yahoo! Finance

While the beauty industry would like us to believe that the more we spend, the more beautiful we can look, we don't have to dig deep into our pockets to look our best. Makeup artist to the stars and beauty editor Nicole Williams shares some of her best tricks and tips to help us stretch our beauty dollar.

Double-purpose everyday kitchen ingredients

Some of the cheapest beauty finds can be found right in your kitchen cabinets, starting with coconut oil, says Williams. "This is an amazing moisturizer for dry skin," she says. "It's all natural and great for shaving, too." The ingredient can also assist with weight loss, she says, because it contains fatty acids which help to speed up our body's metabolism.

Olive oil is another natural ingredient we can use to safely and effectively moisturize the entire body, while cooking spray can help give dry legs a silky, smooth shine. It's not too heavy, either. "The general rule is, if you can eat it, you can put it on your skin and hair," Williams says.

Reduce Oily Skin With Milk of Magnesia

Check your medicine cabinet. Another household product that could double as a beauty enhancers is Myalnta or milk of magnesia. Williams swears it can help eliminate unwanted shine on your face. Before applying your makeup, just add a small amount to a cotton swab and dab it along areas on your face where you shine the most, typically the forehead, nose and chin. It dries almost instantly.

Brighten Eyes With Collyre Bleue

Ever suffer form a hangover and need to desperately revive your reddish, tired eyes? Or just want to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes? Williams recommends investing in Collyre Bleu eyedrops. They cost $22 (not cheap) but she says they outdo cheaper, competitive products such as Visine and Clear Eyes. "You'll pay more, but one or two drops can leave an impact for days," she says. Use this sparingly and an entire bottle can last you a year or longer. "Go for the quality product and spend less in the long run," is Williams' motto.

Skip Multiple Concealers

"I always notice women own crazy amounts of concealer, one for the under eye and one for the face," says Williams. Instead, opt for simply one concealer or corrector that can be used on your entire face. Her favorite brand for this purpose is William Tuttle, which can be found online at, an online makeup shop popular with beauty insiders. Tuttle's product line there ranges from $7.50 to $15.

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