What NOT to Wear to Work

Styling a wardrobe that's both appropriate for work and fashion forward can be a challenge, but according to fashion guru Amy Salinger by following some basic rules you can safely show off your personality and dress to impress.

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First, a couple tips on what NOT to wear to work:

Too-Casual Attire

Work is not the place for sloppy or ill-fitting clothes, says Salinger. In our accompanying video, you'll see a white skirt that's fun and flirty, but too causal based on its texture and frayed edges. Pairing it with a T-shirt only pushes it in the direction of weekend fun, says Salinger. Another too-common casual no-no: wearing yoga pants to work. Despite the convenience of sporting an outfit that transitions easily from work to your workout, it's best avoided. "Keep the yoga pants for the yoga studio," says Salinger.

Short Hemlines
Watch the length of your skirt, too. "Hemlines are the biggest issue, I think," says Salinger. "Don't push the envelope. I would say anywhere just above the knee to just below the knee is going to be appropriate." And while shorts are right on trend this summer, they're never appropriate for the office, Salinger adds. Leave this look for a weekend activity.

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Now, some fashion Do's for work:

Pencil Skirts: Salinger likes pencil skirts because, she says, they're universally flattering for almost every woman. "This should be a work-wardrobe staple," Salinger says.

Long Cardigans: Paired with a skirt, this can be a great look. Just make sure to tuck in your layering piece.

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Sheath Dresses: A very simple and straightforward piece of clothing, describes Salinger, that can be styled in numerous ways.

Waist-Length Blazers: While it's not necessary to wear a blazer to work, it's an easy way to take the wardrobe you already own and make it "work" for work. Having a couple blazers on hand can really save you. Salinger recommends investing in neutral colors like black and white.

Accessories: "They are one of the most inexpensive ways to dress up a look," says Salinger. One piece of stand out jewelry can really show off your personality. There's an incredible variety out there between $5 and $30 at stores like Forever 21, Claire's and Urban Outfitters.

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