Don't Apologize to Your Kids, and 5 More Secrets to "Having it All"

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Can women truly "have it all?" It's an ongoing debate in our culture, but for entrepreneur Rosie Pope, who's juggling both a fast-growing family and career, the answer is a resounding yes. She admits it's a constant work-in-progress that takes confidence, commitment and, unapologetically, lots of coffee.

I recently sat down with wife, mom (to three young children, baby Vivienne just 8 weeks old!), maternity fashion designer and star of Bravo's Pregnant in Heels for her take on managing life and money.

Stick to a Strict Schedule
These days, Rosie rises at 5am when her middle son wakes up and soon after , starts her day with a steady go-go-go schedule. Her mornings are spent attending to her children, until 8am when her Nanny arrives and Rosie dashes to work with baby Vivienne -- who's still breast-feeding -- in tow. When she's not shooting her show or traveling for business, a typical work day consists of picking out styles for her retail collection, updating her website, speaking to reporters and planning the launch of new stores. By 4pm she rushes back home to make dinner, followed by baths and bed-time stories. At 7pm her husband Daron, who helps with the business, gets home and the couple uses the remaining hours before bed to work on back-endbusiness strategy.

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There's not much wiggle room built into the day, so she has her almighty Blackberry to assist with random reminders and iced coffee to help keep her moving. "I put into the Blackberry any crazy thought I'm having, so I can just schedule it for another time. Today, for example, my son wants ice cream. I scheduled to remind me that he wants ice cream." This, she says, is her secret to not letting matters big and small fall through the cracks.

Don't Apologize to Your Kids
While it's sometimes difficult to part with your family and focus on work, Rosie refuses to take on any mommy guilt. "I never apologize for having to go out to work. I never make it seem like a bad thing," she says. "I'm always like 'mommy's going to miss you, but it's great that I'm going to work because work is really interesting and one day you're going to go, too.' I leave on an upbeat note, rather than 'I'm so sorry...I'll be back later.'"

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Save Slow and Steady
Rosie's money mantras - much like her thoughts on scheduling - are somewhat strict. She says to think of saving like dieting: set small, attainable goals to keep you motivated and on track, so you don't become discouraged and give up altogether.

Go Big and Treat Yourself
As for spending, she says it's ok to be indulgent - but only once in a while. "We can be very busy and not have lots have money and [as a result] buy lots of tiny things that aren't very expensive but add up to a huge amount...and we don't actually use them," she says. "You get some instant gratification but they fall into the back of your closet and you don't enjoy them." Instead, she says, save up for the big splurge - a leather handbag or winter coat -- an item that you'll better appreciate and take care of.

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Budding Entrepreneurs: Play It Safe
For moms who aspire to make more money and possibly start a business of their own, Rosie says forget any fantasies about getting rich quick. "It doesn't happen overnight. You have to be dedicated and passionate about what you're doing and you have to figure out how to fit it into your schedule."

You also need to work it into your budget. Don't quit your day job too soon. "When I started this business my husband would work on Wall Street during the day and then work with me at night...and I was at school when I started it, too. You don't give up everything. You make sure you have security."

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