Cheapest days to shop online

by Farnoosh Torabi for CBS

We already know some of the best shopping deals are found online - but did you know some days are better than others to find the steepest discounts?, which scours sales at more than 100 online retailers, ran a survey for me showing what days of the week certain categories of items carry the biggest discounts. Their data was compiled between June 2009 and June 2010 and analyzed over 1 million sale items on the web. From sunglasses to bathing suits to handbags and menswear, they got me the inside scoop.

My advice is to read this through, click print and keep the list stored by your computer as a helpful reminder next time you want to shop on the Web.

  • Mondays: Best for buying men's and women's dress pants. The average sale is about 48 percent off.

  • Mondays: Also great for purchasing sunglasses. The average discount is 55 percent.

  • Tuesdays: Best for buying men's apparel. The average discount is 42 percent.

  • Wednesdays: Find lowest prices on shoes. The average discount is 38 percent.

  • Wednesdays: Also find best deals on kids' clothing. The average discount is around 40 percent.

  • Thursdays: Best for buying women's handbags. The average discount is 36 percent.

  • Fridays: Biggest sales on accessories like jewelry, belts and scarves. The average discount is 42 percent.

  • Saturdays: Best sales on intimates (37 percent off) and jackets/outerwear (51 percent off).

  • Sundays: Buy your swimsuits for an average 52 percent off!

Some other online shopping tips …

Search for More Discounts

Dozens of sites like RetailMeNot and Bargainist collect promotional codes for discounts on Web purchases. To find them on your own, try Googling the name of the shopping site with the words "coupon code" or "promotion code."

Avoid Shipping and Return Costs

Many retailers offer free shipping promotions from time to time or have thresholds at which they'll ship for free. But, some of my favorite online shops such as Endless, RevolveClothing, Shopbop, and Piperlime, always offer free shipping.

Search Twitter

Many retailers are announcing special deals to their Twitter and Facebook followers. Be sure to follow the retailers you frequent to find out as soon as a deal is announced.

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