6 Gifts Your Guy Will Hate

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Picking out the right holiday gifts for loved ones is challenging enough, but when it comes to the man in your life, finding that "special something" can be especially tricky. Here's a list of gifts that your man will, most likely, hate.

Digital Photo Frames

This once-trendy tech gift flew off the shelves in years past but digital photographs ended up being a huge waste of money when consumers found them to be clunky and overrated. However, technology in general is still a crowd pleaser for geeks and guys alike.

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"This year's hottest tech gifts are gadgets that make life a little bit easier," says Hallie Gould, editor at RealBeauty.com. "One that really I love is the Belkin @TV Plus. You just hook it up to your TV so you can watch live or recorded television anywhere you go.

Generic Ties

Ties are often considered sophisticated fashion statements, but if you think generic, run of the mill neckwear will wow your man, think again. If your guy actually wears ties on a regular basis, give him one that speaks to his personality. If the statement is unique and just for him, then there should be no complaints.

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Gifts That Send a Message

Nothing fails to say, "I love you" more than a passive aggressive gift that asks for something in return. If that certain home project is on your mind when you buy your mate a tool, your generous gift might be construed as a backhanded request, stirring up some serious awkwardness.

"If your man is handy and you are going to get him a tool, the most important thing is to get him specifically what he wants. Make sure you know the make, model and brand," says Gould. "Something I really like is an all-in-one multi-tool like a Swiss Army knife. He can use it in all kinds of situations, more than once or you can go on a trip, like camping, and use it together."

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Novelty Trinkets

Take for example Moshi Moshi's retro handset attachment for the iPhone. It may be hot on the market now, but after it loses steam, this bulky doo-dad will soon be hitting the dumpster. Who needs it?

It's better if that quirky gizmo actually serves a purpose - like a cool laptop case or bottle opener.

"ThinkGeek.com is really cool because it has unusual products that are both fun and functional," Gould says. "It has things like wristbands that charge your cell phone and Steampunk USBs. Another great idea is getting him a flask. It's something that he'll use and love. You can do something cute like personalize it with his name or initials."

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Shaving Supplies

Grooming supplies are popular again this year, but think hard before gifting the same old products. Instead, why not pamper your guy with an actual shave? Old school barbers offer relaxing, spa-like shaving services that even the manliest man can appreciate. Once he's there, he can pick out the grooming products he likes the most.

His "Favorite" Things

Finally, as much as you might despise his favorite shirt, shoes or lounge chair, good luck replacing it. Unless your man's most prized possession is no longer unusable, then you should probably figure he's got the exact one he wants.

As always, we want to hear from you. What are some gifts you regret getting your guy? Connect with me on Twitter @Farnoosh, and use the Hashtag #FinFit.