Women waste 75% of their skin care products

How many of your skin care products remain unused? Photo by Thinkstock
How many of your skin care products remain unused? Photo by Thinkstock

Do you own body lotion, day cream, night cream, eye cream, hand cream, anti-aging cream, or all of the above? How many of them have you used in the last day, week, or month? How many do you think might be expired? A new study conducted by Vaseline found that most women are very wasteful when it comes to skin care. On average, women own eight skin care products and only use two regularly. As a result, women will waste over $1,500 on products that will sit around collecting dust. One in seven women surveyed admitted to hoarding expired products for over three years because they didn't want to get rid of them. Here are some other stats from the survey:

  • Women aged 18 to 34 buy the most skin care products. 20% own as many as 20 each.

  • 20% of women aged 25 to 34 have spent $240 or more on the skin care quest for perfection

  • Women start spending on skin care around age 25 but spend less by age 55 as they become more pleased with their skin and stick with the items they like

  • Women aged 65 and up spend the least on skin care products and waste the least

The beauty industry is so good at convincing us we need lotions and potions for our dry skin, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. But often we'll shell out for products that don't give us the results we're looking for. It's hard to find products that work without testing them, so perhaps the answer is free samples! Next time you're at a department store, Sephora, or Kiehl's (our fave), at the counter if they can offer a trial size version of the product you're looking to buy before you commit to the full-size version. Saving money and a little space by the bathroom sink is a beautiful thing.

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