Woman Breaks Plastic Surgery World Record to Look Like Barbie

Talk about "plastic" surgery (cue the sitcom laugh track): A 49-year-old British woman (and self-proclaimed "Real Life Barbie") Sarah Burge has broken the world record for cosmetic procedures (she's had more than 100) in an effort to turn herself into a living doll. Her actions trump the previous record-holder, our own stateside "Barbie" Cindy Jackson, who also says her surgery obsession is spurred by her desire to look like the iconic Mattel toy. (FYI Jackson now seems to make a living through sales of her autobiography and microdermabrasion products, among other things) Now, I'm no doctor but…

I would think that this Barbie-copying business could be a sign of body dysmorphic disorder, where your perception of your physical appearance becomes very distorted. Granted, I could be wrong and these surgery fiends--with their good "I wanted to look just like Barbie-and now I do!" line--could just be incredibly PR-savvy. Either way, what really stumps me is why anyone would want to look like a plastic doll at all--she's a toy, people! Why you'd tinker with yourself (and spend more than $800,000 as Burge has) to look more like what is essentially an inanimate object is beyond me. (This kind of behavior makes wrinkle-reduction surgery seem tame in comparison!)

What to see more of Burge's transformation? Click here--but be sure to come back and tell me what you think of her makeover!

What do you think? Can you believe these women are having surgery to look like a doll? Does this story make you sad? Does it make you mad? Do you think Burge really looks like Barbie? Did you want to look like the doll when you were little?

Photo: Reallifebarbie.com

by Beth Shapouri

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