Waxing vs Threading of facial hair

Okay ladies, there are multiple ways to remove hair and not pay a fortune. You have tweezing, waxing, and threading. In this blog I am going to explain the pro's and con's and some of the myths involved with each.

I have used all three methods to remove unwanted hair from my face (which no woman ever wants to admit, but it's reality ladies; so don't be ashamed), and out of all three, threading was the best investment I have ever done. I did this over a period of 2 months and found amazing results and cons in all of them.


Waxing is at time a quick and cost efficient method of removing unwanted hair, especially on the face. Currently there are two widely used types of wax; hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax is used on more sensitive areas; like the lips of your vagina when doing brazilian and soft wax is used for legs, face, and underarms. Areas that can take more tug and pull on them. One of the most common ingredients in all waxes is Pine Rosin, which is an ingredient when added with others allows the hardening and bonding of the wax to not only your skin, but the hair folicle and paper as well.

The facts about waxing:

You can get waxing done on any part of your body, to include the amazing brazilian bikini wax which on average runs you 65 dollars.

When you go in to get waxed, whether facial or body; you always leave with red areas and sometimes bleeding; dependant on where you get waxed. This redness normally doesn't subside until about an hour or two after the initial waxing. You're probably asking why that is, well its because when you get waxed; especially on or around sensitive areas, like the bikini, the wax not only pulls out the hair from the folicles, but also takes off the top layer of the skin. Most aestheticians will explain to you that when the wax is applied, it goes down into your folicle, but also attaches to the skin. That is where the redness comes from.


Quick solution to unwanted facial hair

Can be relatively inexpensive; for example, upper lip, face, and eyebrows

6-8 weeks before having to go in to get waxed again

Hair grows back finer


If your allergic to any of the ingredients in wax, the symptoms don't show up for a few days after the initial waxing

waxing is not pain free, and causes redness, bleeding, and the area to become tender (so its recommended you don't schedule to get waxed the day of a big event)

The hair has to be at least 1cm before you can get rewaxed

Most spa's and waxing specific facilities only have so many aestheticians on staff, so you may have to schedule an appointment and then wait a week before you can get waxed, if you can get waxed at all (meaning the hair isn't long enough)

Still can get ingrown hairs, regardless.


Threading hair removal is rapidly becoming one of the world's best and fastest hair removal techniques. This technique, developed in the middle east and is an ancient method of hair removal.

The facts about threading:

Threading hair removal gets rids of the finest and smallest hair (facial) with ease, and doesn't leave the area extremely swollen or red like waxing does. It works by a cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso, and lifts hair right out of the follicle. Sound painful huh? Well to tell you the truth, if it is your first time, it can be a little painful yes; and will make you tear up, but its not that bad. I honestly think waxing hurts more.

Threading allows for the sharpest eyebrows with form and definition more so possible than tweezing and waxing alone; so when you draw lines from the arch to each end in accordance with your eye, they are perfectly aligned.


The hair doesn't have to be 1cm long to get threading done again. Actually all you have to do is wait for a light green (the hair initially growing back in) glow on your face and you can go in immediately.

Doesn't leave the skin extremely red or swollen, because it only pulls the hair out; you skin stays put.

Costs run from 5 dollars (eyebrows) to 30 dollars (full face).

You usually don't need an appointment, unless its a popular threading place, and even still most times don't need an appointment.

Takes about 3-5 minutes for both eyebrows and the same for upper lip

Hair growth back normally takes 6-10 weeks. Its been 4 weeks since I went for my eyebrows and still no hair is growing back.

Hair grows back extremely fine, and becomes finer with each threading

No ingrown hairs


It is not pain free, and at times, can be more painful than waxing (upper lip)

Long waits in salons (in upwards of an hour) to get it done, because it is becoming so popular

Decide for yourself, which is best for you!