Ugh. Chanel raises prices to become more exclusive


When it comes to designer merchandise, there are definitely different tiers, and the ubiquitous Louis Vuitton is actually considered lower end when it comes to accessories. (We know.) While you can purchase one of the iconic LV monogram bags for several hundred dollars, Chanel is a totally different story. Their most popular quilted bag costs a whopping $2,600.

If you live in an affluent city like New York, you see Chanel bags on the arms of many, many women--some ladies insist the classic chain-link straps and quilted patterns are the epitome of chic. But $2,600 is not enough for the greedy folks at Chanel. They fear their items have become mainstream, and wish to be more unattainable and exclusive. So they've upped their prices around 20 to 30 percent. These are a few of the price hikes found in Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Chanel boutiques:

  • Medium classic bag: formerly $2,600, now $3,400

  • Jumbo classic bag: formerly $2,995, now $3,795

  • Jumbo reissue bag: formerly $3,600, now $4,200

  • Ballerina flats: fomerly $585 to $650, now $685 to $895.

Those who can really afford it will probably still buy these items, but we're totally annoyed that a company can and will significantly raise the price tag of their already overpriced items one day because they feel like it. This is a recession, after all, and massive price hikes like this will probably encourage more women to buy fakes. Chanel, there's nothing wrong with being popular!
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