Tommy Hilfiger Selling Tickets to Fashion Show

Tickets to the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show are now on sale to AmEx cardholders
Tickets to the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show are now on sale to AmEx cardholders

While many designers are now streaming their fashion shows online, it's very difficult to see a designer runway show live in person. Registering for New York Fashion Week costs $80 and you must be approved for credentials. Then you need to email the individual designer and request a seat, so if you're not a fashion editor, well-known blogger, retail buyer, or wife of some big important CEO you can pretty much forget about it. Unless you're an American Express cardholder.

For several years American Express has offered up seats to those with an Am Ex card-for a fee. But this season they've partnered with Tommy Hilfiger for one sweet deal. If you'd like to attend the Hilfiger show on February 16, click over to or and whip out your plastic. For $95 (or $150 if you want really prime seating) you can buy yourself entry to the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show where the spring campaign featuring the fictional "Hifigers family will come to life before your eyes. Your ticket also entitles you to a free pre-show cocktail party where you can mingle with fashion industry veterens, and a $100 voucher to select Hilfiger stores. If you're a fan of the brand this essentially means you're buying yourself an outfit and getting to see the collection for free. As an added bonus, Cobra Starship will be performing live at the fashion show. "Having the Hilfigers walk while Cobra Starship performs live will be a once-in-a-lifetime show," Tommy Hilfiger said in a press release. "Our brand has always been inspired by music so I'm thrilled that when introducing the Hilfigers in person to our customers for the first time, it will be to the backdrop of great music."

Aside from the occasional auctioned pair of seats for charity, this is really the only way the public can gain access to a designer fashion show. We have to admit, it's a pretty cool idea. Sometimes the people attending fashion shows look so painfully disinterested in what's going on we wonder why they're even attending. It's nice that real patrons of the brand can now experience an exciting, more intimate moment with a designer they enjoy and support. Click here for tickets and more info.

Would you pay to attend a fashion show? And if so, which designer would you most want to see?

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