Things we don't get: Cheetos flavored lip balm

There's something really serious we need to talk about. Yesterday I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across CHEETOS LIP BALM in a novelty beauty store. I get that it's a gimmick, but why would anyone make such an item?! I'll be honest, I have eaten and enjoyed many a Cheeto in my lifetime, but it has been a long while since I've had one. Thinking about them now, I keep picturing that pungent cheesey scent, the styrofoam-like texture, and the way the orange "cheese" rubbed off on your fingers and mouth and stained them for what felt like forever, even after you licked them off. Is this the type of product you'd like to hydrate your lips with? Hardly. Did I desperately need to buy this Cheetos lip balm? Absolutely. For research and blogging purposes of course.

What did I find: Cheetos lip balm is pretty much as nasty as you'd imagine. It's florescent orange, it smells like that artificial, sugary cheese, and while the application is smooth, as any lip balm should be, I kept licking my lips half-expecting to find some crumbs or cheese residue. No crumbs, but my lips did taste like cheese. Ew.

Bottom line: Just because I may enjoy indulging in a super processed, shriveled up, neon orange Cheeto from time to time (Hey, Britney Spears likes them as do Brangelina's kids, so don't judge!) this does not mean you should rub Cheetos lip balm on your lips. I suppose I probably didn't need to test this product to come to that conclusion.

If you would like to conduct further Cheeto lip balm research, hit up your local Claire's or go to