Pull it Off: The Belted Cardigan

Illustration by Lauren Friedman
Illustration by Lauren Friedman

Jean Godfrey-June

,Lucky magazine

Q: I love the look of a belt over a cardigan or jacket, but how do you wear it so it looks nonchalantly cool, not contrived? -Anika

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A: Dear Anika,

Tellingly, no fashion editor chose to address the "jacket" portion of this question. "A thin belt! With a cardigan!" exclaimed executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan. "The belt literally and metaphorically pulls your look together-and you can use it for an extra pop of color."

People think that fashion is utterly subjective, but it is not: The fashion editors spoke with one voice. "A belt is cute with a cardigan," mused online fashion editor Ray Siegel. "I like a thin belt. A thin belt in a fun color, like neon. A pop of color!"

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Color is part of the making-it-cool equation; fit is the other half. If you belt a sweater that's too short, you create an awkward-looking peplum. And be sure not to belt it too tight, which is strangely tempting for some people hoping to create a tiny little waistline. That just ends up looking uncomfortable­-the most un-chic thing in the world.

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