Our Next Miss America Could Be Bald. Let's Discuss.

By Beth Shapouri, Glamour magazine

The Internet is all a-buzz about the fact that Miss Delaware will be competing for the Miss America crown with unusual circumstances for a beauty pageant girl. She'll be doing it bald.

Well, the rumor is she'll be wearing a wig for the actual contest, but in everyday life, Kayla Martell, who has the autoimmune disease alopecia areata, sports her hairless scalp out in the open.

Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of pictures of her available, and I couldn't find a shot of her in all her bald glory. But here she is wearing one of her pageant wigs:

Note that she's eating a giant ice cream sundae. I'm liking this girl more and more.

Anyway, she says she started losing her hair at the age of 10 and doesn't seem at all self-conscious when discussing it. In fact, she didn't even own a wig until two years ago. Check her story (and hairlessness!) out on 20/20 here.

This is kind of awesome, am I right? Having hair is not exactly essential to the job of being Miss America, and I love, love, love the fact that she's so open about her condition. And, personally, I think Kayla is more striking sans wig--her head has such a lovely shape. I hope she ditches it for the competition. But we'll have to see when it airs January 15th.

Will you be rooting for Kayla? Discuss.

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Photo Credit: WireImage