Only 1/3 of women like how they look in a swimsuit

Wear that swimsuit with confidence. Photo by Thinkstock.
Wear that swimsuit with confidence. Photo by Thinkstock.

It's swimsuit season, and many women dread shopping for and actually wearing a bathing suit in public. According to a new ShopSmart poll of over 1,000 women, only one in three women actually are pleased with the way they look in a bathing suit. We know finding a flattering swimsuit can be tricky, but c'mon, ladies! You know nobody really cares about if your tummy isn't flat, or if your thighs have a little cellulite, right? Many females are self-conscious when they strip down and are too busy worrying about their own flaws to even notice anyone else, so forget about your body and have some fun in the sand and surf!

Here are some other interesting stats from the ShopSmart poll:

  • 33% of women are happy with how the look in a swimsuit, 18% strongly dislike their appearance, and 40% are indifferent

  • 42% of women can't find a suit with enough support. 31% can't get enough coverage on top, and 30% can't find the right suit for their rear

  • 42% of women worry about their tummies when shopping for a swimsuit

  • Bikinis are the most popular with women ages 18-34 but are the least popular style overall

  • 28% find thongs disturbing and 31% are offended by suits that aren't age appropriate

  • 50% of women buy their suits in department stores

  • 27% of ladies tried buying a swimsuit online

  • 61% of women shop for suits alone, but women ages 18-34 prefer shopping with a friend

  • The average woman owns three swimsuits

  • The average amount spent on a new swim suit is $47

Do you worry about what you look like in a swimsuit, or are you just happy to cool off and have fun at the beach/pool? Take our poll!

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