Nike's X-Ray Tights Don't Leave Much to the Imagination

Want a Halloween costume you can wear again (and again) to the gym? Introducing the Nike Exclusive Print Tights, featuring a digital image of skeleton bones. Now you can look like a walking x-ray during spin class and then go straight to a Halloween party, no costume change necessary.

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And although these leggings make the perfect Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" costume, they weren't designed with Halloween in mind. Nike created these bone tights for "the athlete unafraid to make a statement." Their official press release explains that the x-ray image is meant to reveal your "inner toughness."

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We love the message behind these leggings and think it's great that Nike is dedicated to celebrating a woman's athleticism and inner tough chick. But, at the same time, do we really want the whole gym seeing an x-ray of our pelvic bone? OK, so it's just a picture, not an actual x-ray, but still … we like to leave some things to the imagination.

Available now on for $90, the tights come in black and grey, neon green and purple, or in all-nude for all the ultra-daring, athletic exhibitionists out there.

What do you think? Would you wear these Nike x-ray tights?

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