Mankinis, murses and man-bags: a glossary of men's fashion terms

Mandals: Man + style = men's fashion math for beginners
Photo by: Martin Simon/ Getty Images
Mandals: Man + style = men's fashion math for beginners-
As men's fashion verges into unknown territory, we've had to invent new words. The general equation is as follows: Man + women's fashion = new outrageous male product. After almost a decade of these hybrid terms, editors of the Oxford English Dictionary are finally taking note. The Wall Street Journal reports that the people with the power to make "bootylicious" part of the English language are now considering those confounding men's fashion contractions for their next edition. It being Fashion Week and all, it's a good time brush up on your man style-speak.

For starters, mandals. Blame Birkenstocks and the band Phish for the rise of the man sandal. Because men's fashion isn't nearly as fickle as women's we've been subjected to nearly twenty summers of men's hairy toes, and trickle-up economy of leather straps that start, and hopefully stop, with the commander-in-chief.