Italy’s 'Vogue Curvy,' And 5 Reasons It Misses The Mark


It appears that Vogue Italia is sick of being blamed by the fashion industry for featuring skinny models. Its response? Part of its website is now supposed to be a section dedicated to women who have actually experienced love handles: Vogue Curvy. But after checking out the site, we started to realize it's all a farce. Here, our 5 reasons why Vogue Curvy actually isn't really different from its skinnier counterpart.

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1. Advertisers still rule content. We kept seeing Marina Rinaldi, an Italian plus-size designer, pop up on the site. According to the big fat (pardon the pun) advertisement below at least one of those pieces, Marina Rinaldi is paying for the placement.

2. Vogue editors still don't know how to dress anyone over a size four. An slideshow of eveningwear features boxy, shapeless dresses that don't celebrate curves-they hide them, negating the female figure and making most women (even size fours) look larger.

3. It's in Italian. If you're not a donna who's taken at least a few high-school Italiano classes, you can't actually read any of the features.

4. Lack of originality. Their first "Plus Size Idol" is...that's right...Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Yawn. (We love you, Ms. Hendricks, but we'd also love to meet another curvy Hollywood woman.)

5. It's still a clique. Vogue Curvy is not a section in the print magazine - it's not even incorporated within the regular site. It's sending the message that if you're overweight (or even a tall, toned, healthy size 10!), Vogue has something to offer you - just so long as you don't mix with the skinny models.

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