If we all hate UGGs, who is still lining up to buy them?

A line outside the New York City Ugg store in SoHo. Photo via Shophound.
A line outside the New York City Ugg store in SoHo. Photo via Shophound.

Years ago when UGG boots began sweeping the nation one furry foot at a time, many people were on the fence about them. They're warm and comfortable (like wearing slippers!) but many would argue they are also ugly and really bad for your feet. Two camps eventually emerged: those who swear by UGGs and those who loathe them and continually list them as a "fashion don't." That last type would be me.

Yesterday I passed by the UGG store in the SoHo area of New York City right around dinner time, and saw a long line formed at a velvet rope outside the shop. Loads of people were already shopping inside. I assumed they must be having a holiday event, or maybe a special sale. It wasn't until I stumbled on this post on Shophound that I realized people actually line up outside the three Manhattan UGGs stores in the cold to score the boots every holiday season. This makes me wonder about a few things:

  1. Don't the people who love UGGs already have enough of them?

  2. Don't the people who love UGGs realize you don't need to stand out in the cold at night to buy them? You can buy them everywhere! Even online!

  3. After all the UGG-dissing, how are there still enough people who enjoy them to form a line outside the store?

  4. When will the people who love UGGs realize there are more stylish and more weather-appropriate boots for winter?

  5. Are the people who line up for UGGs the same people who wear them in the summer with skirts?

Not to snow on anyone's UGGs parade, but this sheepskin boot trend has been around about seven years too many and we want it to stop. We're starting to fear it's not a trend, but a lifestyle.

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