If Disney princesses were real

Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin comes to "real" life via a graphic artist's rendering
Photo by: jirkavinse.wordpress.com
Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin comes to "real" life via a graphic artist's rendering-
We've always loved the Disney princesses in a fairy tale sense, so we've never imagined they were real. But one graphic design student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth in the UK had the creative idea to bring Disney characters to life using photo manipulation. Jirka Väätäinen told us, "I've always been interested in the way people look and what makes them unique in their appearances. This was a personal challenge for me to see if I could recreate characters that we all know and love, and try to maintain their unique features. The end results are what I would imagine the characters to look like in 'real life,' while still staying somewhat true to the unrealistic quirks in their original character designs." Väätäinen said his interpretations of eight Disney princesses and one villain were created by combining elements from different photos of women who resemble the characters. He then creates composite images through digital painting and then puts them together using Photoshop. The results are stunning and completely entertaining.

Check out all of Väätäinen's Disney-inspired art here in this slideshow. We're hoping he'll add Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel, Alice, and Tinker Bell soon. Some of them look very realistic, like our favorite, Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin." Let us know which you like the best.