Hug Me Jacket: Coat for the Cold and Lonely

photo by Hill & Aubrey
photo by Hill & Aubrey

Here is the perfect parka for the long, dark, and lonely days of winter. "Everybody needs love, don't they?" asks emerging menswear designer Si Chan on his blog. Chan says he designed his eccentric kelly green puffer jacket, which features a row of clasped hands running up the front, to make the wearer feel "warm and hugged."

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While Chan, who recently graduated with top honors from London's College of Fashion, purposely exaggerated the padding to resemble a kids' stuffed toy in order to emphasize the warm and fuzzy vibe of the jacket, there's also something a little creepy about it and some of the other touchy-feely items in his collection of six outfits. The grabbing hands conjure up straight jacket from a future planet or tree branches-turned-arms from a child's nightmare.

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Courtesy Si Chan
Courtesy Si Chan

Chan explains that hugging hands are a symbol of what makes it possible for humans to "express love" and "depart from loneliness" and he insists his vision is sweet, not sinister. A photo from his blog titled "Inspiration" bears that out. It's a sun washed snapshot of him as a giggling toddler being given a loving squeeze by his older brother. If only a jacket could make one feel that good.

Would you wear the "Hug Me Jacket?" Please let us know what you think of Chan's creative designs in the comments below.

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