Fashion that makes us sad: Gap’s emaciated mannequins

The Gap's
The Gap's

We've seen some heavily airbrushed celebs in ads and retouched models on websites, but the Gap's representation of women might be the scariest. A Boing-Boing writer's wife took a photo (click here to view) of a mannequin at a Gap store in London. Look at those scary legs! Adding insult to injury: it's next to a giant sign that reads "Always Skinny." This is in reference to their 1969 always skinny jeans which claim to "visually elongate the entire body." Well, we suppose this mannequin illustrates that, but the emaciated figure paired with the extreme expression seems very irresponsible.

Just this week a British website got in trouble for selling kids clothing emblazoned with another Pro-Ana slogan uttered by Kate Moss: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." It looks like the Gap may be the next business under fire.

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