Fashion that Makes Us Sad: $165 Jimmy Choo Coffee Cup Sleeve

Jimmy Choo launched leather coffee cup holders
Jimmy Choo launched leather coffee cup holders

Ladies who get their hot beverages on the go are probably familiar with coffee cup sleeves-those nifty devices that prevent scalding drinks from hurting your hands. Everyone from Starbucks to your local coffee shop offers them up to patrons for free, but Jimmy Choo would never be seen with something so pedestrian. That's why he created Rika, "a luxurious mock croc leather cup holder."

Available in fuchsia or orange, this reusable leather sleeve costs $165 and there's a buying cap of five per shade. So Jimmy Choo thinks someone out there wants to buy more than 10 of these? If you skipped your $3.50 cup of coffee for 47 straight days you'd finally have enough money to afford one! But even if you were willing to shell out for this crocodile-printed leather scrap, would you be able to handle all the eye rolls you'd get while putting it on your skim latte? Didn't think so.

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