Ethel Granger, woman with world’s smallest waist, inspires Vogue Italia cover

Does this lady make you want to buy clothes?
Photo by: Vogue Italia
Does this lady make you want to buy clothes?-
Ethel Granger had the smallest waist of any woman ever, but it was not necessarily by choice. Her husband, astronomer William Arnold Granger, was tired of his wife's shapeless 1920s dresses and requested that wear corsets and more figure-flattering garments. According to Vogue Italia, he thought, "if she can outshine other members of her sex in some way, this is a victory worth any amount of suffering." Granger eventually convinced his wife to wear corsets every day, and even while sleeping. Slowly her waist transformed from 24-inches to the insanely tiny size of 13 inches-the smallest waist ever recorded by The Guinness Book of Records.

Vogue Italia writes, "It would be inaccurate to see Ethel and William Granger's story simply as the sadistic wishes of a demanding sexually perverse husband who wished to cripple his wife" and that they were express