Do Strangers Ever Tell You To Smile? Do You Want To Punch Them?

By Petra Guglielmetti,Glamour magazine

This is one of my huh-yuge pet peeves. Other than loud gum chewing, nothing makes me more irrationally belligerent than a stranger on the street telling me to smile.

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I shouldn't say random stranger, actually--I should say random man, because I can't recall a woman ever doing this. The "smile" comment can take on slightly different variations:

Smile! It's not so bad!

Aw come on, smile!

You'd look prettier if you smiled!

Smile, beautiful!

The gist is always the same. Apparently, these men feel that I am wearing some sort of pout or scowl and are concerned about this. (In reality, this is just my default face. I guess I look mildly depressed even when my mood is somewhere on the spectrum between awesome and neutral.) They would prefer I waltz down the sidewalk smiling. But there are two problems with this.

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1) This is just not what one does in New York City. Fellow New Yorkers would assume I was an insane person. Then again, this would have an upside, as they'd probably give me three feet of berth on either side as I try to navigate my way to the subway.

2) Smiling at these same men would indicate that I want to them to interact with me and/or have sex with me. At least in their minds.

I never know how to react to the smile comment, other than to try to restrain myself from releasing a stream of obscenities that will only serve to confirm the man's opinion that I am a pitiful, bitter individual. Apparently I am not alone--in a hilarious essay on, writer Jessica Olien shares one suggestion:

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On one particularly annoying occasion when someone on the street told me to smile I looked directly at them and told them my father had just died. Which was a total lie and naturally made the person feel like crap, which was exactly what I was going for. When that exchange was over there were two people not smiling, but one (me) who was extremely self-satisfied.

Ha ha! You have to read the rest of Jessica's essay on this topic. It will crack you up.

So, how about it girls: Am I the only one who feels like punching random dudes who command me to smile? Does this happen to all of you (or only those of us with "sad faces"?)
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