Diane von Furstenberg’s wrap dress is the sexiest garment ever

Diane von Furstenberg in her iconic wrap dress
Photo by: Advertisement from 1973, courtesy of DVF
Diane von Furstenberg in her iconic wrap dress-
In 1973, Diane von Furstenberg created her now-iconic knitted jersey wrap dress, and immediately sold five million of them. In 1976, Newsweek put the designer on their cover and named her a new women’s liberation leader and the most marketable designer since Coco Chanel. I’d have to agree, because really there is no more flattering style to any woman’s figure than a great wrap dress. Her signature style accentuates all the right places, and the wrap allows you to show as much or as little cleavage as you like. It’s equally appropriate for work or for a date. It’s practical and sexy at the same timeâ€"no small feat! I think Diane has proved decade after decade that no one can design for a woman better than another woman.

I just found out why Diane von Furstenberg created the wrap dress, and it makes me love it even more. Apparently a French journalist asked her about her famous design in the ‘80s and she said, "Well, if you're trying to slip out without waking a sleeping man, zips are a nightmare." Yesterday the Daily Telegraph reminded her of this quote and she smiled. "Haven't you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the following morning?” she asked. “I've done that many times."

OK, so the sexiest dress ever just got sexier. I’ve b